Shocking Facts about Genetically Modified (GMO) foods

Posted: May 23rd, 2012

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   “We are witnessing a massive corporate genocide – the killing of people for super profits. To maintain these super profits, lies are told about how, without pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there will be no food. In fact, the conclusions of International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development, undertaken by the United Nations, shows that ecologically organic agriculture produces more food and better food at lower cost than either chemical agriculture or GMOs.”

-Vandana Shiva,
in his article The Killing Fields Of Multi-National Corporations


Recent findings regarding GMO foods

  • Soy allergies jumped 50% in the U.K. just after GM soy was introduced. If GM soy was the cause, it may be due to several things. The GM protein that makes ‘Roundup Ready Soy’ resistant to the herbicide does not have a history of safe use in humans and may be an allergen. In fact, sections of its amino acid sequence are identical to amino acid sequences in known allergens.
  • Studies have found that three strains of modified crops — MON 810 and MON 863, which are resistant to pests, and NK 603, which is fortified to withstand weed killer — significantly disrupted the blood chemistry of rats who ate them.
  • According to studies done at the University of Caen, France, some corn crops that have undergone genetic modification produce a toxin called ‘Cry1Ab protein. This study has shown that Cry1Ab toxin causes cell death in human embryonic kidney cells. Recent research has also found that ‘Cry1Ab protein’ is detectable in the blood of pregnant women, their fetuses, as well as non pregnant women.



There is substantial evidence of toxicity and reproductive effects associated with GM foods. Sheep that grazed on ‘Bt-cotton’ plants in India, for example, exhibited nasal discharge, reddish and erosive mouth lesions, cough, bloat, diarrhea, and occasional red-colored urine. Rats fed ‘Bt corn’ showed toxicity in their livers and kidneys. Animal feeding studies with Roundup Ready soy indicated toxic livers, altered sperm cells, significant changes in embryo development, and a fivefold increase in infant mortality, among others.




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