Dr. Detox – “Detoxing Dory” – Episode 1

Posted: March 16th, 2012

Category: Episodes

Dr. Detox shows Dory Gordon how to improve her health, better her living environment, and reduce her daily toxin intake.


  • Great stuff, I surely enjoyed reading about all your research.
    I never write but I could not agree more with everything you have to say..
    parasites chemicals and GMO are our worst enemy. and lets not forget MONSANTO
    and since I am a proud greatgrandmother I am contaminated
    with all the chemicals listed in your cosmetic
    article..I am impress.

    Thank you so much .

  • Dr. Group,

    I use Toothy Tabs from LushUK. They have no fluoride and the main ingredients are herbs and baking soda. Have you heard of these, and would you recommend them as an alternative to traditional toothpaste?

  • Sooooo Impressed With You And This Show.

    Has Quality, Informative, Perfect Filming, Your Professional Quality Was Outstanding, The Way You Really Showed Interest In Her And So On. All I Can Say,this Should Be A Hit. Going To Forward This To My Friends……superb !!!!! Wow